Learn Linux Filesystem


Hello Guys, Are you looking for learning Linux directories, here you can learn about Linux directory structure. About Linux Filesystem or directories, the directory called (Root) which represented by symbol (/) is the main directory in linux where all the directories are placed under this directory. Let’s learn about the …

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Install Telegram on PC in just 4 Simple Steps


Hello All, Do you know about Telegram? It is an instant messaging application or you can say (Whats App alternative) it is being widely used by most of the peoples who have smartphones, basically this app is built for smartphones for instant messaging, contact sharing, picture sharing, documents sharing and …

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How to create bootable USB drive (Pendrive)


How to create bootable USB drive (Pendrive) Hello and Namaste Friends, Today I am going to show you, how to create bootable USB Drive (Pendrive), and you must know it is very easy to load any windows or any other operating system in a USB Pendrive or USB Stick and …

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