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 Physics Note for Class 10th

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9 August 2013

Physics Note for Class 10th


IIT Varanasi


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Reflection and Refraction of Light


o   Point of incidence


o    Properties of image formed by a plane mirror


o    Some important terms related to spherical mirror


o    Sign conventions for spherical mirrors


o    Image Formation in Concave Mirror


o    Sign convention in spherical mirror


o    Refraction through a Rectangular Glass slab


o    Refractive Index of some Materials


o    Refraction of spherical Lenses


o    Rules for obtaining Images by a Convex lens


o    Rules for obtaining Image by concave Lens.


o    Lens formula


o    N.C.E.R.T FILE


o    N.C.E.R.T FILE


The Human Eye and the Colorful World


o    Types of sensitive cell


o    Defects of Vision


o    Hypermetric


o    Presbyopia


o    Dispersion of white light by the Glass Prism


o    Atmospheric Refraction


o    Question and Answer?


o    NCERT Q and A


o    NCERT Q and A




o    Electric Potential and Potential Difference


o    OHM’s Law


o    Factors on which the resistance of a conductor depends.


o    Resistors in Series


o    Resistors in Parallel


o    Advantages and Disadvantages of Connection


o    Heating effect of electric current


o    Desirable effect


o    Electric Power


o    NCERT Q and A


o    NCERT Q and A


 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current


o    Explain why two magnetic field line do not intersect each other


o    Maxwell’s corkscrew rule


o    NCERT Q and A


o    NCERT Q and A


o    NCERT Q and A


Sources of Energy


o    Different Forms of Energy


o    How coal and petroleum is formed?


o    Why are many thermal power plants set up near coal or oil fields?


o    Why is charcoal a better fuel than wood?


o    Wind Energy


o    Solar Energy


o    Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy