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MCSE - Windows: Active Directory, Functional Levels, FSMO Roles

What is DACL, SACL, MSI, ZAP, ACE, operation master role, dedicated server and bridgehead server ?

Question 65:- What is DACL?

Ans :-  DACL stand for Discretionary Access Control List. In DACL basically permission entry is available of any user in the network


Question 66:- What is SACL?

Ans :- SACL stand for System Access Control List. In SACL basically auditing entry is available of any user in the network.


Question 67:- What is MSI?

Ans :- MSI file is basically use for deploying or installation of any application in the network.


Question 68:- What is MST?

Ans :- MST file is basically using for repairing of any application in the network.


Question 69:- What is zap file?

Ans :- ZAP is basically use for that application, which do not have the MSI file. We create a text file with zap extension for deploying or installation purpose of any application in the network.


Question 70:- What is ace?

Ans :-  Ace stand for access control entry.


Question 71:- What is operation master role?

Ans :-  Operation master role is available on domain controller in the network.

There are five types of operation master role inside the active directory

  1. Schema Master – Schema Master Is responsible for changes of schema, updating of schema in the Network.
  1. Domain Naming Master – Domain Naming Master Is Responsible For adding or removing a domain inside the forest.
  1. RID Master – RID Master provides RID no. of each D.C in the Network. Every D.C is having a one id no, it is called RID NO. domain—rid, object—S.I.D.
  1. PDC Emulator – It is basically use For Previous version Of Windows 2000 Clients in The Network. PDC Emulator Work as an emulator for previous version of Windows 2000 Clients in the network.

PDC – Primary Domain Controller

BDC – Backup Domain Controller

  1. Infrastructure Operation Master – Infrastructure Operation Master Role provides uniqueness of any object inside the forest.

Infrastructure operation master role. Updates references to objects and group membership from other domain In the Network.


Question 72:- What is dedicated server?

Ans :- A dedicated server functions as a server only not as a client. As For Example—Domain Controller.


Question 73:- What is bridgehead server?

Ans :-  A bridgehead server is a central point in the site that is responsible for replication from another site.