Introduction: CCIE

What is CCIE

The Cisco certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is the final course offered by Cisco. Cisco is the only organization which provides a systematic course on networking from the base to expert level. The journey begins with CCNA which was already discussed on our CCNA section (More About CCNA). And finally ends at CCIE.

Different Flavors of CCIE

There are various CCIE certifications depending on the specification

  • Routing and Switching
  • Voice
  • Wireless
  • Service provider
  • Security

Why Cisco

There are so many companies available who produce various network devices such as router, switch, firewall etc. But Cisco devices are considered to be the best in the market in quality, security, troubleshooting point of view. More over Cisco’s training structure is the best in teaching as well as learning point of view. So if anyone has the knowledge about Cisco devices then he can cope up with any other device.

Why CCIE (Security)

Now a day’s security is the main concern of any company. There are various hacking techniques available through which anyone can access to any important data. So for perfect security, companies are ready pay handsome amount of salary to the security guys and to purchase expensive security devices.

The Cisco certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) security the ultimate certification for the individual who have extensive knowledge and skills to implement, maintain and troubleshoot Cisco network security solutions. It considered being one of the best and toughest certification in current market throughout the world. After certification he not only can draw a huge sum of salary but also considered as the best security provider to any organization


There is no requirement of any pre certification to go for CCIE (not as like CCNP, in where we need to be CCNA certified). The whole CCIE certification consists of two exams. First we have to go for two hour written certification exam. After passing the written exam we are illegible for the lab. We can write the written exam in any Pearson vue center. We have to go for the initial lab exam within 18 months of passing CCIE written exam. If we unable to pass the lab exam within three years of passing the written exam then we have to go for the written exam again before the lab exam.

         The lab exam is last for 8 hour and only held in selected Cisco office location throughout the world. In India, only in Bangalore such facility is available till now