PC Troubleshootings


Problem 1.   DEAD SYSTEM: - Computer is not getting ON, no LED status, S.M.P.S. fan not moving


1.            Check Mains input.

2.            Check Power Cord.

3.            Check S.M. P.S.

4.            Check loose connation


Problem 2.   NO DISPLAY:  Nothing coming screen.


Check L.E.Ds of keyboards.  If getting On/Off while pressing Num Lock, or Scroll Lock or Caps Lock. Then problem with monitor or display card otherwise problem With MB, RAM, DISPLAY CARD, ROM, CPU. Replace one item at a time.  If dose not giving any status then check the CMOS Battery loose connections of power connector and loose display card, display cable, after that diagnose according to the deep code (it will give the deep status for RAM, Display Card and also in some case for shorting   or cache memory on mother board.) 

Clean the CPU sockets and slots in which the cards which the cards are  installed and also RAM slots.

Check the display in min requirement. If there is no display, then take the MB,CPU,RAM and Display card from cabinet and also check the heating components.


Problem 3.   SYSTEM NOT BOOTING: - Check whether any message coming on screen or it is not booting at all.


a)            Message coming " Insert System Disk in Driver A".

b)            Message coming "Boot Disk failure".

c)            Message coming" Bad Command Interpreter".

d)            Message coming" Missing Operating System".

2.            Nothing coming on screen only cursor is blinking.


If "Insert System Disk in Drive A" message is coming on screen it means System is not detecting any bootable device other than Drive A. First Check from CMOS setup that your HDD or CD-ROM is detecting or not, if detecting then check that booting files present on HDD by Bootable. If booting feels present on HDD then check for virus on HDD, then check media of HD by running scandisk then replace CD with another known good bootable CD. If still problem exists then boot from floppy, if system boot then problem with HDD logic card if system doesn't boot from floppy then check motherboard.

If message displaying " Boot Disk Failure" then it means booting files on media is corrupt, damage by virus or missing from booting media. Copy system feels with the help of SYS command or remove virus or format the media and transfer system feels to media.

If message is coming "Bad Command Interpreter" then it means Command. Com is missing or corrupt. Replace Command.Com with another good feels of same version or check virus in system then remove it with the help of latest Anti-Virus Software.

If nothing coming on screen then check that system feels missing or not. If system feels are missing or corrupt then copy again.

Check that Frisk has run properly & partition are made properly & check that primary partition is active.

If message is displaying "Missing Operating System" then check the type of HDD according you CMOS setup.


Problem 4.   SYSTEM BOOTING BUT NO DISPLAY: Problem related to monitor.


If system accepts anything from keyboard and some sound is coming from HDD or FDD and if Printer is connected to computer and it initializes then it means that system is working fine check for "Brightness Control or Contrast Control of monitor. If O.K. then check signal cable of Monitor for disconnect or bend, if O.K. then change the display cable of M.B. if problem exist then problem with monitor, first check by replacing with another good monomer or cheek monitor Circuitry.


Problem 5.   PRINTER IS NOT INSTALLING : Printer problem, Driver CD problem. Drivers not supported by  the H/W and O/S. Driver mismatch or connection problem.


Check whether printer is connecting to computer. Start computer in DOS and take printout in DOS by giving command DIR>PRN. If printout comes then everything is O.K. If message displays. "Write fault error writing device prn" then it means LPTI port of computer is faulty. If message comes "paper out error" then check that paper is inserted in printer.                             

If printer is working in DOS but not installing in windows then check for proper drivers, which are compatible for Operating System.

Check in CMOS Setup that printer port is not disabling if disable then enable it.

In device manager there should not be any yellow or red mark in front of parallel port is disabled, change IRQ of another device by going to properties of another device.