Moral Education

A True Friendship that is Brain-mate: Soul-mate

A true friend is much more valuable than Silver or Gold or Diamond
  • True friendship is li Devine light which enlightens your day and night
  • True friendship always guides and inspires as and when one gets lost and finds no ways to come out of vicious-circle.
  • A few true friend makes your life full and complete by sharing your joys and sorrows i.e multiply your joys and divides your sorrows
  • If friendship is a garden then good friends are the flowers full of fragrance whereas bad ones are the thorns which *** every now and then

A true friends like a super-power-mirror who shows your real-image, may it be good or bad
  • A good friend is a super-best source of knowledge with whom one can exchange views, discuss about various topics, and make healthy argument on the vital issues
  • True friend makes the journey of life easy and smooth both in rough and fair weather
  • True friendship cannot be bought or sold like worldly goods as it is a priceless i.e invaluable assets of life
  • Friendship superfast way to be happy and direct get to the endless joys of life

One must strive i.e make utmost efforts to search for a good, honest, science and sensible friend
  • A true friend like a sheltering tree, Fruit-tree, a rose without thorn
  • True friendship makes you feel that someone is there to understand you, dare for your, share all joys  and sorrows with you
  • True friendship grows deeper as time passes i.e with the passage of time – it keeps prospering & blossom on its own.
  • True friendship is a deep-rooted plants which cannot be uprooted by any storm

Good and true friends always walks in whereas bad ones i.e false one always walks out in contingency
  • All friends are the best to trust that why it is said old is gold. Thus breach of trust should never be
  • Friends are here, friends are there but true friends are very rare
  • I am proud of my friends who are very few/rare but very true
  • True friendship makes life thousand-times better & brighter; happier and prosperous

It’s good and noble to have a friend but still better & nobler to be friend of someone
  • True friendship makes you smile and laugh across the miles. Thus one must go an extra mile to make one’s friend smile
  • A true friend is one to whom you wish to give your heart and mind
  • It is better to have a fake friend till the time you find a real one
  • Fair weather friends remain with us as long as purse is full beware of such friends-virtual friends is he who remains with you under all odds and crisis since a true friends is tested in time of crisis or difficulties

True friendship teaches you how to care and share
  • Friendship is a medicine with no expiry date
  • Friendship can happen early or late
  • True friendship is not less than blood relation
  • A true friendship is a great boon of heaven