You Must

The Seven Super Powers that You Must Possess

Each one of us wants high happiness index, peace of mind, mature character and success in life; but most of us do not really strive to achieve these goals. Out of those who struggle for their goals a very few are able to make things happen. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the difference between the level of Inner Power both the categories possess in their brains and the level of Power they exert to achieve what they want to achieve. In general, the Inner Powers consist of following seven categories and the intellectuals who possess all these mental muscles can accomplish a great deal in most of the fields of life: 

1.   The Power of Focus

There is a story which tells that during the bird shooting session, the instructor asked each shooter what he is looking at. One candidate said, I am looking at the flock of birds, another said, I am looking at the tree where birds are about to sit; however one shooter said that I am looking in the eyes of one of the flying birds! This is the power of focus which means that one has to concentrate all of his energies on one goal and do not let any obstacles change his attention. Don’t let your mind get distracted from your goal. Don’t let wayward thoughts spoil your plans. Always keep in mind, what you focus on increases so don’t let the seeds of negativity get nourished in your brain. Use Zoom-In and Zoom-Out tool to strengthen your Power of Focus.

2.   The power of Vision

A fast pace horse running in the wrong direction will never reach its destination. Instead, it will cause misleading ripple effect to its followers too. The Power of Vision depends on your thoughts, your awareness about field, your comprehension capabilities and your caliber to visualize the future. It is important to understand that thoughts are the seeds for your character because thoughts give birth to actions which become your habits and constitute your personality and consequently your destiny. Empowering your thought process involves staying away from negative thoughts, trying to be part of the solutions instead of problems with less criticism and more optimism. Secondly, empowering your awareness level involves meeting with learned people and watching relevant documentaries (Satsang). Make it a habit to read good books / magazines (Swadhaya) and to swatch news daily to improve your vision. Once you develop the Power of Vision, your comprehension levels will be as deep as a sea; your thoughts will fly as high as sky and your strategies will be as solid as rocks.