In these changing times, simply working hard no longer succeeds. The rules that govern employee’s advancement are changing. Today, global competition and tight company budgets have made employers value pluck over obsequiousness.

Despite the downsizing one sees everywhere, legions of employees are still winning promotions. They know that the days when a promotion automatically followed a job well done or a boss adroitly flattered are gone. Now people advance because they can accomplish more for their company in their new job than in the old one.

If you are in a sluggish field, you may need to pursue a job with a different employer.

In this generation, the corporate man who stayed in the same company his entire career has been replaced by “the commercial mercenary”. Today, individuals need to be independent of mind, with portable skills and able to move from company.

Whether or not you stay with your current employer, these five steps should help you move up the career ladder.


You should let people know about your ambitions & make clear to everybody your contribution to company’s success.


You need to take responsibility for your own career progression. Talking about    goals may get you noticed, but you still need to prove yourself.

   Think about the steps you need to take to achieve this. These could include helping your boss do their job so you will get experience at a higher level. But to avoid your boss seeing it as encroaching on his or her territory, offer solutions to problems. Show you are trying to help.

As you take on more responsibilities, keep notes on what you achieve. Include any ideas that improve products or make your company more efficient .Individuals have folders in which they write down courses taken, targets reached and what they feel they have learnt. You can use your own accomplishment file to rewrite your job description, or your CV.


In the past promotions belonged to “yes” men. Today; however management values employees who speak up when they disagree with a boss. These workers frequently save a company from costly mistakes and help enhance its business.

It is no good just moaning about something that needs to be done. You must have a vision of change, then offer senior managers a practical way of moving towards it.

In this way, you show to the management that you are bright & creative, yet pragmatic too.


   With cutbacks, employees have heavier workloads, making teamwork crucial. Without the support of colleagues-up and down the ladder-you will not succeed.

If promotions are rare in your department, it is time to market yourself outside it. Make as many contacts as possible throughout the company. To step up your visibility, ask for exposure to other aspects of the business. If your boss says he cannot spare you, suggest temporarily switching jobs with a colleague in another department.

Sometimes networking is the only way ahead. Managers tend to promote the person they know and trust over the person they do not.


Even if the right job does not open up, you can still achieve promotion by creating your own position. Employees nowadays need to be entrepreneurial. They have to make opportunities for themselves as well as the company.

Whether you want to move up in your current company or find a better job outside, these steps should help you reach your goals. With persistence and savvy, you may find your next promotion just around the corner.