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The future that Sri Ramsharma Acharya has seen
by Balram Roy - Monday, 1 December 2014, 9:52 PM

Now we shall discuss the future which relates mainly to eradication of the prevalent evil practices, fulfilling of needs and augmentation of benevolence. These primary requirements of the mankind today will perhaps never be possible to meet with the help of scientific advancements. It is, however assured that there will be an unprecedented improvement in contemplation, character and behavior of man, as a consequence of which solution to these problems which are being considered these days as harbingers of universal disaster and doom's day, will appear without much effort.
Appearance of reformative attributes in the sentience will bring about an extraordinary change in the thought and behavior of mankind which will change the course of the misguided human endeavor from evil towards social benevolence. It will result in a favorable environment which could be called a resurrection of Satyug.
No one should remain apprehensive about persistence of destructive capabilities of science in future, since the science, as it is known today, will cease to exist after exhaustion in future of the supporting sources of energy like oil and electricity etc. Man will revert back to the nature for living which will not leave any scope for increase in pollution or evil practices.
Nevertheless, science will continue to progress, not as knowledge about material elements but as a spiritual science. It will automatically solve those problems which have produced a dangerous situation today. Nature will take care of these necessities of man in absence of which he is appearing much disturbed, apprehensive and terrorized. The next century will neither witness wars nor epidemics. Nor there will be any reason for worriesbecause of paucity of resources due to population explosion. The enlightened women will herself refuse to produce more children and utilize the energy being drained unnecessarily towards those objectives which are absolutely necessary for augmentation of prosperity and fellow-feeling. In the Twenty First Century women will play an important role. They will be guided in their action by combined inspiration and power of the trinity- Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga. The system of education will also change. Besides providing livelihood, the new educational system will also take the responsibility of making people responsible, vigilant and talented.
How will this great change transpire? One need not ask for details of the apparent plans. The divine life-force omnipresent in the extra-sensory world will continue to increase in extraordinary proportions, commensurate with needs of the moments. With this force, momentous changes will occur eventually ushering in a new spring of a happy future which would be regarded as resurrection of Satyug. This will be the basis for the emergence of the Happy New World Order. The background for this very change is now in the making.


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